UMTMC History

The club started out as an initiative by CITRA (The Centre of Industrial Training and Relations) to encourage UM students to improve speaking skills and at the same time, to ‘get their feet wet’ by the networking with other toastmasters club especially professional ones such as Deloitte Kassim Chan TMC, Midvalley Toastmasters, Ernst & Young TMC, MAICSA TMC, etc.


It was thanks to Prof Marohaini Yusoff and Dr Stefanie Pillai. Prof Marohaini was the chairperson of CITRA and she started the ball rolling.  Club’s first gathering was when Mid Valley Toastmasters and MAICSA Toastmasters (sponsor clubs) came to do a demo-meeting.


The demo meeting comprised of many FBL (Faculty of Bahasa & Linguistic) students but the club sure piqued the student’s interests and on that very same day, the council was elected. The club was recognised by TI but it wasn’t until a few years later that HEP recognised us in UM.


The club first saw majority members from FBL (around 20 members). By the following year, there were more members from the other nearby faculties, i.e Science and Arts. It was the following year that more members came in from Accounting, Economics, and Engineering. This was also thanks to Petronas which made it compulsory for all their scholars to be a member of UMTMC. We even have members from the Law Faculty.


After Prof Marohaini left CITRA, Dr Stefanie was the pillar behind UMTMC, helping UMTMC to secure venue and even funding! But in between, we were occasionally lucky. We were recognised and supported by the Education Faculty’s Dean who gave us comfortable venue for a year. She even gave an auditorium to hold the contest with the dean herself officiating it and we also had the UM Pre-Employment Program with more than 100 students attending it.


The club was officially registered on 18/4/2007. The first meeting of UMTMC was held at the Dewan Persidangan, Faculty Bahasa & Linguistic in the year 2007. Initially, it was registered under HEP as open to students of UM only (inc. postgrad students). Later in the year 2008, it was registered under HEP as open to all students and staff of UM.


But due to lack of response from the staff of UM, club decided to undo it and opened it to all students of UM in the year 2009. This has been continued till to date.

The blog of UMTMC was first opened by the VPPR on 5th June 2008 and was the brainchild of the club President at that time – Kimmy Foo. It was our main medium of communication to attract new members and it easily hit the counter of 20,000 within few months. The blog was even benchmarked by other new Toastmasters’ club – the format and the way it was written. The perdanamail e-mails made us famous in UM till to the level where other UM clubs even invited us to their events.


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