Toastmasters Tracks and Pathways

Toastmasters Educational Program

With the recent rollout of Pathways in the middle of 2017, Toastmasters have two ongoing programmes. The Pathways will be introduced to new members directly as the current system. The existing Communication and Leadership tracks will be made available to members who registered before the launch of Pathways, until the year of 2020.


Current Education Programme (rollout in May 2017)

There are 10 paths to choose from, all of them are tailored according to the current needs and settings. If you need more information, visit to get an idea on what is Pathways Education System and how it works.


Previous Education Programme (ends by 2020)


Communication Track

CC Manual

CC Manual

Competent Communicator (CC)

Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)

Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS)

Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)


Leadership Track

CL Manual

CL Manual

Competent Leader (CL)

Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)

Advanced Leader Silver (ALS)

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

download (1)

Educational Program


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