Meeting #243, 16th April 2018

Theme: Look Back, Celebrate, and Move Forward

W.O.D: unprecedented (adj)

“We’re living in an era of unprecedented change, and I want to be a part of documenting it.” – Ron Fournier

Meeting #243 Group Photo

Fellow Toastmasters and guests, here’s what happened during our special occasion last Monday!

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Our meeting starts off with our President’s opening speech by Kah Mun, CC CL and Abdurrahman as the Toastmaster of the Evening. Our club alumni and previous IPP, Jing Yi, DTM shared her Toastmasters experience as a member and during her tenure as the club president.

Moving on, Kah Mun attempted leads the forum entitled “My Toastmasters Experience” as the moderator of the meeting. The panel of speakers were:

  1. Vincent Hor, DTM, former Division W Governor from MAICSA Toastmasters Club 
  2. Seki Ng, ACG ALB, current Area W3 Director from Sunway and DTM Toastmasters Club
  3. John Ng, ACB ALB, Immediate Past President and former Vice President Education from HELP Toastmasters Club

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During the break, the cutting-cake ceremony were performed by the current and past presidents of UMTMC. The meeting went on with the Table Topics® Session conducted by Sam Win, CC CL, while entertain us with interesting topics. Our speakers, Syafinas, Kiam Chin, Fatima, Vanessa, Jo Ping, Rahman and Ridhwan took up the challenge to answer the questions given!

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The meeting continued with the Speech Evaluation by Shawn, CC CL and Table Topics® Evaluation by Sara, ACS ALB, followed by the technical role players’ report by Si Bao, Kui Min, IP1 and Ahmad Ridhwan, TC1.

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After the Evaluation Session, the winner of the Best Table Topics® Speaker, Ridhwan, were announced by Toastmaster of the Evening, Rahman. Lastly, our UMTMC President Kah Mun gave his closing address for the special occasion, before adjourned the meeting.

From us UMTMC, we would like to thank the following people:

  • Our Club Founders and Sponsors: Vincent Hor and Lay See
  • Club Advisor: Dr. Jegalakshimi, lecturer from the Faculty of Engineering
  • Our Area Director: Seki Ng
  • All the immediate past presidents: especially to Jing Yi, Syafinas and Tineesha that have made their time to attend the special occasion, and to Jacky Wong that support us all the way from Japan!
  • Our club supporters that attend to our special occasion: Son Lee, Jian Hao, Julie Phoo, Yew Choong, members of TARC Toastmasters Club (Scarlet, Kim, Raphael, Arina and Kiam Chin), members of HELP Toastmasters Club (John Ng and Jo Ping) and members of USJ Toastmasters Club
  • Our other club supporters: The late Dr. Thilla, Dr. Devi, May Ong, Ehsan, Eddie Lai, Sharon Foo, Dorcas Aung, Jeremy Teo, and other Toastmasters Club from District 51 and District 102
  • Our members: Sara Ajmal, Fatima Ajmal, Hon Choon, Kumanan, Shawn, Sin Hong, Si Bao, Abdurrahman, Ridhwan, Kui Min
  • Our guests who are willing to spend some time to be with us!
  • And also, to our executive committee team for making the event a success!


Special Occasion #243

Thanks everyone and keep toasting!

Once again, thank you so much and we see you next Monday!

#ToastmastersInternational #UniversityMalaya

~ Toastmasters International: Where Leaders Are Made ~


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