Meeting #241, 2nd April 2018

Theme: Get Ready to be Fooled

W.O.D: jocund (adj)

“Night’s candles are burnt out, and jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops.” – William Shakespeare

Meeting #241

Hey everyone, our meeting summary on last Monday is up!

Our meeting starts off with by our President’s opening speech Kah Mun, CC CL. Our Division W ISTT 3rd Place Winner, also our Sergeant-At-Arms Darryn, CC CL, took control as Toastmaster of the Evening.

The meeting went on with the Table Topics® session conducted by Kui Min, focusing on the meeting’s theme of the day, “Get Ready to be Fooled”. Our speakers, Zhou, Ridhwan, Si Bao and Hean Ghee took up the courage to take the challenge!

After a short break, we proceed to the Prepared Speech session, with the following lineups:

  1. Aaron – Pathways Presentation Mastery Level 1: Evaluation and Feedback First Speech – Introduction to Reddal
  2. Hean Ghee – Pathways Innovative Planning Level 1: Researching and Presenting – Motor Detariffication
  3. Jeremy Teo, ACS ALB – Pathways Effective Coaching Level 3: Connect with Storytelling – The Rabbit and The Tortoise
  4. Kumanan, CC CL – The Successful Club Series Presentation – Evaluate to Motivate

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The meeting continued with the Evaluation Session, led by Julie Phoo, President of TTDI Toastmasters Club! The session started of with speech evaluations, technical role players’ report, and the report on overall meeting conduct.

For the Evaluation Session, the lineup was as follow:

  1. Jeff, CC CL for Table Topics® speakers
  2. Zhou, CC for Aaron
  3. Si Bao for Hean Ghee
  4. Keng Lan, CC ALB for Jeremy
  5. Shawn, CC CL for Kumanan (silent evaluation)
  6. Ridhwan, Franck and Yee Heng for technical role players
  7. Julie, CC CL for General Evaluator’s report
General Evaluator #241

Julie taking control as General Evaluator of the meeting!

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After the Evaluation Session, the winners were announced by Toastmaster of the Evening, Darryn:

  1. Best Table Topics Speaker: Zhou
  2. Best Prepared Speech Speaker: Jeremy
  3. Best Evaluator: Keng Lan

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Congratulations to all the winners! Also, we would like to thank Julie for taking up the role as the General Evaluator! Also, we want to congratulate Jeff and Shawn for achieving their educational goals!

Lastly, our UMTMC President Kah Mun gave his closing address by sharing his take home message before adjourned the meeting.

From us UMTMC, we would like to thank our role players from other clubs, Keng Lan (Subang Jaya Medical Centre, SJMC Toastmasters Club), Zhou Lee (Harriot-Watt Toastmasters Club), Jeremy Teo (Toastmasters International of Kuala Lumpur, TMIKL), Yee Heng (Asia Pacific University, APU Toastmasters Club) and Julie Phoo (Taman Tun Dr Ismail, TTDI Toastmasters Club). Also, we would like to thank our members who supported the meeting as well. Thanks and be seeing you next Monday!

Meeting Group Photo #241

Thanks and be seeing you next Monday!!

#UMTMC #Toastmasters #UniversityMalaya

~ Toastmasters International: Where Leaders Are Made ~


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