Meeting #238, 5th March 2018

Theme: Do You Know the Way

W.O.D: pertinacious (adj)

“She is the most vocal and pertinacious of all the critics of the policy.” –

Meeting #238

Hey peeps, March’s here and this was our meeting summary last Monday!

Our meeting starts off with by our President’s opening speech Kah Mun, CC CL. Sam Win, CC CL, our Toastmaster of the Evening, took control of the meeting and attempted the challenge given to him by the Exco Team at the same time!

The meeting went on with the Table Topics session conducted by May Ong, CC ALB from OUM! With interesting, in-promptu questions, five speakers volunteered to take up the challenge.

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After a short break, we proceed to the Prepared Speech session, with the following lineups:

  1. Shawn, CC CL – Pathways Presentation Mastery Level 1: Researching and Presenting – Your Pleasure is My Business
  2. Ahmad Ridhwan – Pathways Team Collaboration Level 1: Researching and Presenting – Sexual Harassment at Workplace
  3. Abdurrahman, VC1 – Pathways Visionary Communication Level 2: Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring – Shawn

The meeting continued with the Evaluation Session, led Seki Ng, ACS ALB, our Area W3 Director from Sunway Toastmasters Club and DTM Toastmasters Club! The evaluation session comprised of Table Topics evaluation, prepared speech evaluations, technical role players’ report, and the report on overall meeting conduct.

For the Evaluation Session, the lineup was as follow:

  1. Hon Choon, CC for the Table Topics Speakers
  2. Kyle, ACB CL for Shawn
  3. Sin Hong for Ahmad Ridhwan
  4. Ms Khoo, CC ALB for Abdurrahman
GE #238

Seki took control as the General Evaluator of the Day!

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After the Evaluation Session, the winners were announced by Toastmaster of the Evening:

  1. Best Table Topics Speaker: Shawn, CC CL
  2. Best Speaker: Shawn, CC CL
  3. Best Evaluator: Ms Khoo, CC ALB

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Congratulations to all the winners! Also, we would like to thank Seki for taking some time to be with us! Also,  we want to congratulate all leadership achievers: Darryn, Shawn and Sam Win for this term!

Our President, Kah Mun gave his closing address by sharing his take home message before adjourned the meeting.

From us UMTMC, we would like to thank our guests and role players from other Toastmasters clubs, notably Seki, May and Aggie. We would also like to thank our members who were attending the meeting as well. Keep supporting us and be seeing you on 12th March!

Group Photo #238

Thanks and be seeing you again!!

#UMTMC #Toastmasters #UniversityMalaya

~ Toastmasters International: Where Leaders Are Made ~


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