Meeting #232, 20th November 2017

Theme: Hope

W.O.D: auspicious (adj)

“If we strive to strengthen our body now; to overcome our faults; to cultivate new virtues; the Sun of our next life will rise under much more auspicious conditions than those under which we now live, and thus we may truly rule our stars and master our fate. – Max Heindel”

Meeting #232 Group Photo

Here’s the review for the meeting on 20th November!

The meeting starts off with President’s opening speech by Kah Mun, CC, followed by our first-time Toastmaster of the Evening, Hean Ghee! The meeting went on with the usual Table Topics session by four speakers and the Prepared Speech session by another five speakers. The Table Topics Session was lead by Alex, ACB ALB, from Ernst & Young Toastmasters Club!

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Our speech lineups for the Prepared Speech Session were as follows:

  1. Yun Hui – Pathways Visionary Communication #1: Evaluation and Feedback Speech 1 – A or B?
  2. Kui Min – Pathways Innovative Planning #1: Evaluation and Feedback Speech 2 – Value
  3. Abdurrahman – Pathways Visionary Communication #1: Evaluation and Feedback Speech 2 – A Different Game
  4. Darryn – CC#10: Inspire Your Audience – The Walk of the World
  5. Kyle, ACB CL – Advanced Manual: Entertaining Speaker Series #4 – Accident

The meeting continued with the Evaluation Session, led by Uncle Paul, CTM ALS, a veteran member of 5Mastery Toastmasters Club! The evaluation started off with the Table Topics evaluation, prepared speech evaluations, technical role players’ report, and his report on the overall meeting conduct.

For the Evaluation Session, the lineup was as follow:

  1. John, CC ALB, Table Topics Evaluation for Aaron, Abdurrahman, Sam and Nicole
  2. Ahmad Ridhwan, for Yun Hui
  3. Sin Hong, for Kui Min
  4. Jeremy, ACS CL, for Abdurrahman
  5. Zi Ru, CC, for Darryn
  6. Ricky, ACB ALB, for Kyle
GE #232

Uncle Paul, CTM ALS, took over the stage as the General Evaluator, leading Evaluation Session and giving constructive feedback to us!

John, TTE of Meeting #232

John, leading the Table Topics Evaluation and giving feedback to our four speakers of the evening

Meeting Room 2 #232

Toastmasters and guests attentively listened to the technical reports. From the left: Jeremy, Zi Ru, Kui Min, Darryn, Kah Mun, Abdurrahman and Hean Ghee

Sin Hong, John and Sugawara #232

Sugawara, Sin Hong and John


Meeting Room 2 #232

The meeting proceedings during the General Evaluation. From left: Hon Choon, Ricky, Jeremy, Zi Ru, Kui Min and Darryn

After the Evaluation Session, the winners for today’s meeting were announced:

  1. Best Table Topics Speakers: Aaron and Nicole
  2. Best Prepared Speech Speaker: Darryn, CC
  3. Best Evaluator: Zi Ru, CC

Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Table Topics Speaker 1 #232

Congrats Aaron!

Best Table Topics Speaker 2 #232

Thanks for dropping by Nicole!

Best Speaker #232

Keep it up, Darryn!

Best Evaluator #232

Thanks Zi Ru for dropping by!

GE Appreciation #232

Thank you so much Uncle Paul!!

Our president Kah Mun also gave a token of appreciation to our General Evaluator, Uncle Paul. Also, Darryn was given a token of appreciation for giving his CC#10 speech!

Darryn for CC Achievement

Woohoo! Finally a CC!

Finally, Kah Mun gave the closing address by thanking everyone who gave their support to us and gave us his take-home learnings before he adjourned the meeting.

Presidential Speech #232

From us UMTMC, we would like to thank our guests and role players from other Toastmasters clubs, notably:

  • Jeremy, ACS CL, Area P1 Director from TMIKL Toastmasters Club!
  • John Ng, CC ALB, President of HELP University Toastmasters Club!
  • Sugawara, Vice President Membership of OUM Toastmasters Club!
  • Alex Tee, ACB ALB, from Ernst & Young Toastmasters Club!
  • Zi Ru, CC, Vice President Education and Immediate Past President of School of Hard Knocks Toastmasters Club!
  • Ricky Soo, ACB ALB, Division D Director from PJ Toastmasters Club!
  • Uncle Paul Tan, CTM ALS, from 5Mastery Toastmasters Club!

Last but not least, we like to thank our members who were attending the meeting as well. Keep support us and be seeing you on our next meeting!

Candid #232

Thanks everyone for supporting us! Stay tuned for next week’s meeting review!

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~ Toastmasters International: Where Leaders Are Made ~


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