Meeting #229, 23rd October 2017

Theme: The Long Road Ahead of Us

W.O.D: ameliorate (v)

“I am committed to the principle that violence is never
justified as a means of ameliorating a grievance.”
– Justin Sane

Group Photo #229

Our meeting summary for 23rd October is finally here!

This week, the meeting starts off with President’s opening speech by Kah Mun, CC, congratulating Kar Mei, CC, for getting 2nd place for the recent Division W Humorous Speech Contest last Saturday. The session went on with Toastmaster of the Evening, Sam, CC, conducting an interesting Round Robin, featuring “Jeff” as main character of a fictional, mind-bogging story.

Our first session blast off with Prepared Speech Marathon. Our speech lineups were as follows:

  1. Yun Hui – Pathways Visionary Communication #1: Ice Breaker – My Life in 6 Minutes
  2. Kui Min – Pathways Innovative Planning #1: Ice Breaker – The Gemini
  3. Ahmad Ridhwan – Pathways Team Collaboration #1: Evaluation and Feedback – Key to Paradigm Shift
  4. Jeck Kie – CC#3: Get to the Point – A Different Kind of Data
  5. Abdurrahman: Pathways Visionary Communication #1: Research and Presenting – The Boogeyman in the Closet
  6. Darryn – Successful Club Series – Mentoring

After the speech marathon, we had the Evaluation Session, led by the Jerry, CC CL, dual member of PJ Toastmasters Club and Damansara Mandarin Toastmasters Club! The evaluation session consist of two parts: prepared speech evaluation and the technical role players’ report.

GE of the day #229

Jerry Wong, our General Evaluator of the meeting took control of the session!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last but not least, the winners for today’s meeting were announced:

  1. Best Project Speech Speaker: Ahmad Ridhwan
  2. Best Evaluator: Jeff, CC
  3. Ice Breaker Recipients: Yun Hui and Kui Min
Best Speaker #229

Good job Ridhwan!

Ice Brakers #229

Well done Yun Hui and Kui Min ^^

CC CL Kumanan

Congratulations Kumanan!

General Evaluator #229

Thank you Jerry for being such a wonderful General Evaluator for our meeting!

Congratulations to all of them!

Our president Kah Mun also gave a token of appreciation to our General Evaluator, Jerry. Finally, Kah Mun gave the closing address by thanking everyone who gave their support to us and gave us his take-home learnings before he adjourned the meeting.

Closing Presidential Speech #229

That’s all folks! From UMTMC, we would like to thank our guests and role players from other Toastmasters clubs, notably:

  • Jerry, CC CL, Area D3 Director from PJ Toastmasters Club and Damansara Mandarin Toastmasters Club!
  • Sharon, ACS ALB, Area J2 Director from OUM Toastmasters Club!
  • Scarlet, CC, President of TAR University College (TARC) Toastmasters Club!
  • Chloe, from Speecom Toastmasters Club

Last but not least, we like to thank our members who were attending the meeting as well. Do support us and we see you on 6th November!

Crazy Group Photo #229

Thanks everyone! ^^

#UMTMC #Toastmasters #UniversitiMalaya

~ Toastmasters International: Where Leaders are Made ~


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