Meeting #224, 25th September 2017

Theme: Rise Together

W.O.D: rendezvous (noun/verb)

I have a rendezvous with life. – Countee Cullen

Group Photo #224

Hey Toastmasters and guests!

Last Monday, on 25th September, the meeting starts off with our President’s opening speech by Kah Mun, CC, thanking all guests who came to our meeting.

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Toastmaster of the Evening, Sam, CC, had his job well done by entertaining us while the sharing the history of Toastmasters International. The introduction of the role players of the day were carried out as well.

Then, our first session of the meeting began with the Table Topics session. The session was led by Jeck Kie, causing the audience to think while having fun and enjoyment during the session. Five brave individuals came out on stage and tackle the questions given by him.

After the refreshments, we proceed to our second session of the meeting: Prepared Speeches. Our speech lineup were different as we speakers attempting different manuals and different educational systems. Our lineup were as follow:

  1. Sharvin – CC #5: Your Body Speaks – Octavian Nothing
  2. Jeff, CC – Pathway Dynamic Leadership #1: Ice Breaker – Jeff the Gamer
  3. Sharina – Pathway Dynamic Leadership #2: Evaluation and Feedback – Technology and Society
  4. Fatima, ACS, ALB – Advance Speech Manual: Humorously Speaking #4 – The Perfect Speech

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Next, we had the evaluation session, led by the former Division C Director and President of MAD Toastmasters Club, Srinivas, ACG ALB.

GE of the Day

Our General Evaluator, Srinivas leading the Evaluation Session of the meeting!

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The evaluation session was fruitful as we received constructive feedbacks from evaluators and technical role players as well.

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New Member Induction

Toastmasters Si Bao and Hean Ghee are inducted into our club led by our VPM Kyle. Hooray!

This meeting was a unique one as our new members, Si Bao and Heng Gee were inducted into our UMTMC family. The Toastmasters New Member Induction was carried out smoothly by our current Vice President Membership, Kyle, ACB, CL.

Last but not least, the winners were then announced:

  1. Best Table Topics Speaker: Elmen
  2. Best Project Speech Speaker: Sharvin, TM
  3. Best Evaluator: Darryn, TM

Congratulations to all of them!

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Our president Kah Mun gave the closing address and thanks everyone who gave their support to us. He thanked everyone who made this meeting a successful one before he adjourned the meeting.

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That’s all folks! Here from us UMTMC, we would like to thank all the guests who came for our meeting on 25th September 2017 as well as role players from other Toastmasters clubs, notably:

  • Sharina and Grace, ACB, CL from Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) Toastmasters Club
  • Kim, CC and Kok Siong, CC from Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) Toastmasters Club
  • Eric and Yee Heng from Asia Pacific University (APU) Toastmasters Club
  • Other members from TARC TMC and APU TMC
  • Srinivas, former Division C Director, and president of MAD Toastmasters Club

Also, we would like to thank our members, Jeck Kie, Sharvin, Kyle, Sara and Fatima for supporting us as well! Also congratulations to Si Bao and Hean Gee for your courage to take up the roles for the first time!

Thanks so much and we see you next Monday, 2nd October for the next regular meeting!

#UMTMC #Toastmasters #UniversitiMalaya

~ Toastmasters: Where Leaders are Made ~


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