UMTMC Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests 2017: 18 September 2017

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”
Charles Dickens

HSE Group Photo

Thanks everyone!

And so it happened. Monday, 18th September 2017 was our Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests. That day, five contestants participated in both contests. The air and energy was intense and heavy for the contestants. At about 7.00 p.m., our contests began with the opening address and from University Malaya Toastmaster Club (UMTMC) Contest Chair and Club President, Kah Mun. Before the contest began, a minute of silence was observed for our beloved Dr. Thilla.

SAA of the Contest

Call of Order by SAA of the HSE Contests

UMTMC Contest Chair and Club President

Opening address by UMTMC Contest Chair and President, Kah Mun!

Contest Toastmasters, Darryn and Sam led the flow of the event smoothly. All the contestants and guests were having fun throughout the event.

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Julie and Eddy as Timers, keeping track of the time for the contest

Photo Time!

It’s photo time!


Now that the main agenda’s done with, all the contestants and role-players were given tokens of appreciation for their efforts made that day.

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And now, the moment that we waited!

Evaluation Contest Result: 

1st place: Sara Ajmal

2nd place: Ng Jun Bin

3rd place: Fatima Ajmal

Humorous Speech Contest Result: 

1st place: Shum Kar Mei

2nd place: Sara Ajmal

3rd place: Ng Jun Bin

Kar Mei, Sara and Jeff will represent UMTMC to compete in Area W3 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests on 7th October 2017.

Winners of Evaluation ContestWinners of Humorous Speech Contest


Last but not least, Contest Chair, Kah Mun, addressed the audience and thanked everyone for joining and witnessed the contest.

Also, we from UMTMC would thank the following people for taking their time to be role players, in helping out in setting up the venue and participating in the contest:

Participants: Kumanan, Sara, Fatima, Jeff & Kar Mei

Role players:

Photographer: Hon Choon

Registration: Dr. Ho

Timers: Julie (TTDI TMC) & Eddy (PJ TMC and MAD TMC)

Sergeant at Arms: Li Er, Yee Heng (APU TMC), Rooban (APU TMC) & Oo Zhuan (APU TMC)

Ballot Counters: John (HELP TMC), Eric (APU TMC) & Bibi (APU TMC)

Test Speaker: Denise (Maxis TMC)

Contest Toastmasters: Darryn & Sam

Chief Judge: Yean Yi (Sunway TMC)

Contest Chair: Kah Mun, CC


And of course, YOU, as the guest of the contest. Thank you so much for supporting us! See you again on our next regular meeting on 25th September 2017!


Congratulations and thanks everyone!



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