Meeting #209

Theme: Go To The Distance

W.O.D: Voyage

For time is the longest distance between two places – Tennessee Williams


Yes, we meet again!

Today, President, Vice President Education & Membership could not make it for the meeting. Hence, Vice President of Public Relations, Jian Hao CC CL, did an opening address for the first time in his tenure as a club officer.


Jeff, TM

Toastmaster of the Evening, Jeff, TM, had his job well done. He addressed the audience well, by sharing the Toastmasters International’s history.

Then, we had Table Topics Session, led by Li Er, TM.

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Further, we had 4 dedicated speakers today:

  1. Darryn Chiew, TM – CC1 icebreaker
  2. Khairan Syamil, TM – CC1 icebreaker
  3. Eugene, TM – CC2 Organise your speech
  4. Hon Choon, TM – CC5 Your body speaks

That sum up the presentations. Next, we had evaluation session, led by Danya, CC.

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Danya, CC, gave a lot of constructive feedback to our club’s growth. Thus, we appreciate that.


Jian Hao, CC CL, presenting a token of appreciation to Danya, CC

Further, we had the awards session. The winners are: (from left to right)

  1. Best Table Topics Speaker: Dr Ho Pei Yee, TM
  2. Best Project Speech Speaker: Darryn, TM
  3. Best Evaluator: Patricia Yap, CC

Congratulations to all of them!

Finally, the acting president, Jian Hao, CC CL, gave the closing address. He thanked everyone who made this meeting a successful one, amid the stressful week of assignments and tests. Then, he adjourned the meeting.

Here’s the end of the report. See you next Monday (28 Nov 2016).


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