Meeting #201

Theme: The pain of parting is nothing compared to the joy of meeting again

Word of the day: enthusiastic

The real secret of success is enthusiasm – Walter Chrysler


Welcome to our first meeting after we reached our benchmark meeting last week. We believe, there are more 200s to come.

This week, we had 5 project speech speakers, thus we did not have Table Topics Session. Nevertheless, Toastmasters of The Evening (TME), TM Tineesha, was enthusiastic to keep the audience’s spirit and energy high throughout the meeting. The club’s newly-elected President of the term 2016/2017 had her job well done.


TME, TM Tineesha

We had five speakers. Two of them did project speech #2: Organize your speech. Meanwhile, the other one did his project speech #4: How to Say It.

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On Monday night, we witnessed the transformation from Toastmaster (TM) to Competent Communicator (CC). “KM²”, CC Kah Mun, and CC Kar Mei, did their Competent Communication Manual speech #10: Inspire Your Audience. After their speeches, the audience gave a standing ovation to two of them.

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With another 2 CCs produced, we had 4 members who completed CC manuals in a single term.

Thus, we proudly announce that we had achieved 10 OUT OF 10 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals! We are a President’s Distinguished Club!

What have we achieved?

  1. Two Competent Communication Award
  2. Two More Competent Communication Award
  3. One ACB, ACS, or ACG Award
  4. One more ACB, ACS, or ACG Award
  5. One CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM
  6. One more CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM
  7. Four new members
  8. Four more new members – In fact, we had 13 more new members
  9. Minimum of 4 club officers trained during each of two training periods
  10. One membership dues renewal report and one club officer list submitted on time.
*CC – Competent Communication ; ACB – Advanced Communication Bronze ; ACS – Advanced Communication Silver ; ACG – Advanced Communication Gold ; CL – Competent Leader ; ALB – Advanced Leader Bronze ; ALS – Advanced Leader Silver ; DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster

Next, we had evaluation session, led by the General Evaluator CC CL Kevin.

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Now, let’s move on to the award session.

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Moreover, our current club president, CC Jacky Wong, presented a token of appreciation to our General Evaluator, CC CL Kevin. 13340424_1161581753872418_156100120_o

Before the meeting ends, our current club president, CC Jacky, addressed the audience for the very last time. Proudly, he announced that UM Toastmasters Club have achieved 10 out of 10 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals, hence, a President’s Distinguished Club.


The journey to become a President’s Distinguished Club is not easy. It needs commitments from all members, and supports from other clubs. Kudo’s to Jacky and his well-performing team. We strive to be better in the next term, and we will, achieve yet another 10 out of 10 DCP goals!

This marks the end of our final meeting of our Semester 2, Academic Year 2015/2016. We will not have any meeting next week. We shall resume our meeting on 5th of September 2016 (Monday). Worry not, you can still visit other clubs worldwide!

Stay connected with us and see you again!

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