Meeting #200

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Theme: Winning isn’t everything, but wanting it is
Word of The Day: vying

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

Welcome to our 200th UM Toastmasters Club’s meeting. 9 years since our club has chartered, we reached another milestone!

We had 5 speakers today, thus we did not have our Table Topics Session. Nevertheless, our Toastmasters of The Evening, newly promoted Competent Communicator Sam Win, did a fantastic job to keep our energy level high throughout the meeting. He shared jokes in the meeting too.

A successful journey starts with a single step. We witnessed an Ice-breaking Speech delivered by our newly-elected Secretary of our club, TM Shen Wei. Shen Wei, an Actuarial Science student, shared about her fast-forwarded life journey.

Meanwhile, TM Shawn delivered his second speech in Competent Communication Manual with the title: Inclusive Growth- from vying to sharing.

Besides, we were pleased to invite seasoned speaker, DTM Victor Ong, to talk about something very precious – himself. An inspiring yet persuasive speech, we had something to think deeply.

Moreover, our club President, CC Jacky, shared a story which brought history to life. Historical moment made lively, he did it superbly.

Last but not least, ACB Kyle Young, became a salesman. TM Kah Mun volunteered to be the potential customer, while Kyle, striving to sell the product to Kah Mun. Kyle shared about 5 strategy in sales: S.A.L.E.S. What were they? View the photo in the slideshow below to find out more.

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p/s: the video-recording is for our internal purposes

Evaluation is the breakfast for the champions. Therefore, we need evaluators, led by distinguished guest from UTAR Toastmasters Club, Janete Fernandez.

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Apart from that, we had the best speaker and evaluator.

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Before our meeting ended, our club President, CC Jacky Wong, addressed the audience.


Next week, we will have our final meeting of our academic semester, as we are having our last academic week of the Semester 2, Academic Year 2015/2016. More details to come. Stay connected with us.

#NowEveryoneCanToast #UMToastmasters #ConnectWithUMTMC

**Note: We value your feedback. Please share your experience in the meeting and our rooms for improvement during the next meeting. Thank you. 

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