Speak With Impact: Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Audiences from all walks of life listened attentively to Bryen (standing).

“For Things To Change. We Must Change First.” – Bryen Pang

On Wednesday (18 May 2016), we had a fruitful learning experience about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Bryen Pang, a professional NLP trainer.

This session was organized by University of Malaya Toastmasters Club. Our club understand that speakers sometimes crack their heads to create a long-lasting impression to the audience. Thus, we developed the session for everyone to learn.


Our speaker of the day, Bryen Pang

Bryen Pang greeted every guest warmly with his friendly smile even before the session began. Then, he started off by encouraging each of us to give compliments to any 5 persons in the room. The interaction between the audiences created a lively and friendly atmosphere throughout the session.

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What have we learnt from Bryen in tonight’s workshop?

-Using language of the mind to achieve what we want

-The 3Vs model in communication (verbal, vocal, visual)

-Characteristics of visual, auditory and kinesthetic persons

-Effective and appropriate use of body languages (S.O.F.T.E.N.I.N.G.)

It was a very interactive session as the audiences were very responsive by asking questions actively.


Jacky, CC, addressing the audience

Our club President, Jacky Wong CC made a closing address. He encouraged the audience to visit the club and put what they’ve learnt into practice. Besides, he looked forward for more collaboration between University of Malaya Toastmasters Club and NLP in the future.

In Toastmasters Club, we speak, we evaluate, we network. We promise to give you the platform to practice and adopt the tools and techniques provided by NLP. Join us today! Your success story begins here!

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**We value your feedback about the session. Please leave us any comments and/or feedback, and we will attend to you shortly. Again, thank you for attending this session. Have a nice day.

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