Meeting 168 Hectic Week

Meeting no: 168

Theme: Season in Red – Hectic
Word of the Day: Verbose

988949_10153181447830879_944936328891055762_n (2)

Happy Moments Shared Together at UMTMC

So my life isn’t perfect. It’s crazy, hectic, loud and my friends are insane. But its okay. I wouldn’t have it any other way (Unknown).

In UMTMC we believe in working hard because a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes SWEAT, DETERMINATION  and HARD WORK (Colin Powell).


This weeks meeting and our Toastmaster journey of improvement and achievement was started by the handsome looking lively TME Nicholas Chai.

20150309_192449 (2)The Good Looking Table Topics Master,Sam Win, had prepared a few interesting Table Topics related to the theme.

20150309_192614 (2)

Guest Joaane

20150309_192810 (2)

Guest Ricky


                 Guest J.T

20150309_200942 (2)

Guest Akshay

All volunteers for Table Topics session were daring and confident guests. Who without hesitation got onto the stage and bravely spoke on the given topic.

Well Done !!!


Audience During Table Topics Session

20150309_203345 (2)

Audience During Table Topics Session

After they had delivered interesting impromptu speeches. Now its time for second event of the meeting prepared speeches. First was TM Elisha, she delivered get to the point, Titled Pati.

20150309_193710 (2)TM,Elisha a speaker with a good command of language, delivered a heart warming speech about her little sister. She gave a new meaning to the French word, Pati (Patients). 

20150309_194838(2)A pleasant face speaker TM, Yee Yuan delivered Speech Titled, “Perception“. Yee Yuan explained about the perception of success and how we can achieve it.

20150309_194759 (2)Audiences responding to speakers questions.

20150309_194752 (2)Interactive speaker engaged audiences and asked questions, How much do they want success?

20150309_200007 (2)Next CC Jacky Wong delivered a Speaking to inform speech, entitled Night Terrors”.  Jacky gave an informational speech and provided insights on the sleeping disorder.


Next the guest speaker CC Akshay, gave a demonstrative talk on “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions”. He gave a hilarious speech about his bracelets journey and left audiences laughing.

20150309_201509 (2)

The next session is the evaluation session, with our General Evaluator, TM Netesha. 

11038398_10153181448975879_7527198126612238217_n (2)

General Evaluator, TM Netesha 

20150309_202723 (2)

First come Table Topic Evaluator CC ALB,Tan Ing Ting

20150309_203910 (2)

Speech Evaluator DTM Dr. Thilla

11042958_10153181449220879_7226119954482006067_n Speech Evaluator ACG ALB,Jing Yi


General Evaluator leaded team of Evaluators.

Now its time for announcing the winners.

 First Best Table Topics Winner. 

It’s a tie!!! We have two Table Topics Winner.

11060046_10153181450115879_1275525437518518205_nTable Topics Winners.

Congratulations to J.T (left ) and Ricky (right)

Best Project Speech Winner.

 Guess What Again …. We have a tie!!!!


Project Speech Winners.

Congratulations to Elisha (left ) and Akshay (right)


Project Speech Winner TM Akshay.


Project Speech Winner TM Elisha.

Best Evaluator Winner.

11034261_10153181449835879_4201169847444177838_n (2)

Best Evaluator Dr. Thilla

Congratulations to Best Evaluator Dr. Thilla

11017165_10153181449110879_2693055842720740898_n (2)

GE, TM Netesha

Presenting Awards of Appreciation, to GE, TM Netesha

Thank you to all the guests and members for joining UMTMC’s meeting. We do appreciate the  love and support that you showed to us.

1908440_10153181448330879_3840476177239064899_n (2)

UMTMC’s guests giving their feedback at the end of meeting.

Toastmasters is a journey in which we learn, improve our

leadership and public speaking skills in a friendly environment among our peers.

 Practice and work hard to achieve success.

10989151_10153181447840879_4764426076241636886_n (2)

Together we succeed


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