Meeting no: 167

Meeting no: 167

Theme: Season in Red – Very Goat
Word of the Day: Prosperous


With the start of a New Year, welcoming the year 2015, the University Malaya Toastmasters Club (UMTMC) began our first meeting of the semester (and the year) with the lively spirit of the Chinese Lunar New Year; the year of the Goat!


(TME) TM Kah Mun

Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) TM Kah Mun, takes charge of the meeting with the energy of the Lunar New Year (as well as from the long semester break we just had!).


TM Sharvin

After, the stage was passed on to TM Sharvin, our Table Topics Master for the night, who came up with a refreshing, unique and challenging array of topics for our fellow members. Why is it unique you ask? Why, because the topics consist of different song titles! Surprise, surprise!


TM Amir

Our first Table Topics participant, TM Amir, started off the session with the given topic, “Believer”. TM Amir took on a unique perspective of the term “Believer”; relating it to the different types of beliefs that are practiced in Malaysia.


Guest of UMTUMC, J.T.

J.T. was given the topic, “Love”.  J.T. delivered a heart-warming speech as she related “Love” to the Lunar New Year, talking about the different types of love present in each household during this holiday. The kind of love you feel for your hometown, your family and of course, food! Because who doesn’t love food, right?


Guest of UMTMC, Bandar.

As our third participant in the Table Topics Session, Bandar was given the topic, “Good Luck, Bad Luck.” Bandar gave us a few examples as to what he thought, was the difference between ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Bad Luck’, sharing some of his experience with all of us when it comes down to it.


ACB, CL Wei Chin

Last but definitely not least, we have ACB, CL Wei Chin, delivering her Table Topic speech with the given title, “Oh, That’s Life.” During her speech, Wei Chin entertained us with her experience of calling up a number of different firms for an internship and actually got one!


TM Amalia

Moving on after the Table Topics Session, we then conducted the Project Speeches session where we had the pleasure of having TM Amalia as the first speaker with her speech titled, “Money, Money, Money”. In her speech, she rebutted the often misconception of money being everything. She made it a point to emphasize how money is most definitely not the only thing in the world to be grateful for. After, the speech, it is safe to say that we probably would take more time to appreciate the smaller things in life (as we should be!).


TM Shafinas

The second speaker is our very own President of the UMTMC, TM Shafinas with her speech, “Let’s Play the Glad Game”. The speech was about a little girl, Paulina, who during Christmas, had hoped for a doll but got crutches and a note instead. Upset, she wondered what she will ever do with crutches. Paulina’s father, then took this opportunity to come up with The Glad Game, which was to look for a silver lining in everything she sees. TM Shafinas even shared with us the story of her mother’s friend that applied the same principles of The Glad Game.  The goal of the speech was to ‘Inspire your audience’ and we were very inspired indeed!



Our third speaker is ACS ALS Alice, a guest from MAICSA Toastmasters Club with her speech, “Do it Right”. In her speech, she spoke about the different ways we can practice to defuse a verbal criticism.  How? By responding non-defensively. She even gave us tips on what to do and not to do if ever we find that we are facing this kind of situation. They are to: Remain calm, don’t take it too personally, to use non-verbal listening skills and to show respect for your opponent.


ACS ALS Sook Ping

Our last speaker of the day is ACS ALS Sook Ping (also from MAICSA Toastmasters Club) with her speech, “Crossing the Road Safely”. During her speech she reminded us of the importance of following the three-step rule. The first, to watch. Second, to listen and finally, to think. Why are these important? Sook Ping mentioned that an alarming number of pedestrians killed in a road accident consists of, surprisingly, the elderly. It wasn’t because they didn’t know how to cross a road but rather, they didn’t know the right way of crossing the road safely. Thus, she explained the proper way of not only just crossing the road, but to cross the road safely as safety should be our top priority.

Finally, refreshments time! The members and guests were welcomed to take a short break from the session and served light titbits.

Then, we continued the rest of the session with the evaluation of the Table Topics Session by guest, ACS ALS Alice from MAICSA Toastmasters Club. She gave constructive criticism as well as positive feedbacks for all the participants. Next, we moved on to the evaluation of the Project Speeches Session.

20141215_210713 (2)

CC Jacky

CC Jacky was up first for the evaluating session with his evaluation on TM Amalia’s speech. He praised her for delivering a speech with excellent points despite her nervousness earlier on during the speech.

Next, we have ACS ALS Sook Ping with the evaluation for TM Shafinas’ speech. “The Glad Game” was praised by ACS ALS Sook Ping with the many emotions felt throughout the whole speech. At one point, she commented, she was sure that TM Shafinas was about to burst into tears!

20141208_204919 (2)


Later, ACS ALB Jing Yi evaluates ACS ALS Alice’s speech, commenting on how, precise and concise her presentation on the right way of defusing verbal criticism as well as her effort of printing out hand-outs for the members present as there wasn’t a projector available. ACS ALB Jing Yi praised her for her efforts upon doing so.

We then had our Role Players’ Report done by TM Shafinas, ACS CL Wei Chin and TM Sam. TM Shafinas as the Grammarian, gave us suggestions on how to improve our grammar and sentences to make them better. Then we have ACS CL Wei Chin with her unique report as the Ah Counter, pointing out those who might or might have not said quite a few share of their “ummm…’s” along the way. Finally, we have the “world’s fastest” Timer Report with TM Sam who basically delivered his report in under 2 minutes. Impressive.


TM Sam (and yes, he was timing his report).

Moving on from the Role Players’ Report, we invited guest CC CL Kheng Yeen, to give his evaluation as the General Evaluator of tonight’s session. He commented on the lively atmosphere that the UMTMC members provided as well as making the guests feel very welcomed. CC CL Kheng Yeen also pointed out the UMTMC’s punctuality as we started our meeting according to schedule.

Finally, we were given the chance to nominate three winners. A winner for the best Table Topics Speaker, the best Project Speaker and also, the best Evaluator. As the nominations are counted we finally have three names.


Guest J.t, Table Topics Session Winner

The winners are :  cue the drum roll please!

Guest J.T. with her wonderful impromptu speech from the Table Topics Session, “Love”!

Next, we have…..


TM Nur Shafinas, Project Speech Winner


Our President, TM Shafinas with the tear jerking story of Paulina and her optimism, “The Glad Game”! Also, congratulations are in order for TM Shafinas for completing her 10th CC speech! Congratulations Pres.!

And finally, we have…

ACS ALB Jing Yi!!

After the awards ceremony, TM Shafinas gave her closing address and the usual announcements (if any), before bringing meeting no. 167 to an end. That being said, we wish everyone taking the time to read our blog who are celebrating Chinese New Year, a big Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the year ahead bring prosperity and luck!


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