UMTMC’s Promotional Booth


UM Promo Week 2014

Promotional Week for Registered Student Bodies of University Malaya 2014, or better yet known as PROMO’ 14, is a 2-day event, where the registered organizations in University Malaya introduce and promote their associations and clubs to the students of University Malaya. The event was held at the Parking Lot, Kompleks Perdanasiswa, University Malaya on the 9th and 10th of October, from 10am to 5pm.
The UMTMC was provided with a 10m x 10m area, two chairs, a table, a plug and a softboard by University Malaya’s Student Affairs Division. Other materials such as papers, mortar board, tablecloths, bookmarks and so on were prepared by the members themselves. Information and background of the Toastmasters International and UMTMC were researched thoroughly in order to obtain accurate descriptions. A schedule was discussed and agreed among members to take turns to take care of the booth. A short briefing was given to ensure everyone’s roles for the booth day.

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Overall, set up of booth.

At 9am, the materials were assembled and the necessary equipment were set up such as laptops, earphones and extension wires. At 10am all was set, and the newly-recruited members were nervous but prepared. Undergraduates and Postgraduates came wave after wave to our booth. Our members cheerfully welcomed the students to the booth and explained tentatively about Toastmasters. We introduced them to our proud history, what we do and what can Toastmasters do for them. Any questions were answered to the very best and then, the guests would typed their details and contacts into the laptop prepared, before walking away with our handmade bookmarks.


Committed members and eager guests at UMTMC’s promotional booth

One of the most eventful moments was when Prof Datuk Dr Rohana binti Mohd Yusof, Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs) of University Malaya and her entourage visited our booth. ACB CL Wei Chin and TM Shafinas shared our experience and information of Toastmasters to our beloved Prof Datuk Dr Rohana. I believed we have set an impression to her and her entourage and we hope she was pleased with our set up. She even graced us with her autograph before she left our booth. Her presence bolstered our spirits and this year, we will do our best to bring up the name Toastmasters not only in University Malaya but also in District 51.


Thank you, Prof Datuk Dr Rohana binti Mohd Yusof

Our new members and soon-to-be members, who were very fresh but not deterred, contributed greatly to the booth. Both Amelia and Savina helped set up the booth during the first day of the event. Carlwin, Kerryann and Yee Ching, lend a helping hand in preparing the boomarks. Sharvin, Vicky, Adrian Loo, Carlwin, Che Jin, Kar Mei, Tineesha, Yun Jing, Kah Mun, Daryl, and Wilson were optimistic and with smiles, greeted the crowd with such enthusiasm. Not to be left out were senior members, Nur Shafinas, Yik Ming, Jacky Wong, Nicholas Chai, Wei Chin, Sara Ajmal and Fatima Ajmal, who did their best to illustrate what Toastmasters is to the oncoming crowd and also to guide the new members in their journey in Toastmasters. Jing Yi, Ing Ting and Rishi Ganesh contributed to booth’s History of Toastmasters International and UMTMC as they were the very first few members of the chartered club in 2007 and are experienced alumni members. Even, Dr Devi our prestigious club advisor provided us with tablecloth to decorate our booth.




TM Sharvin, TM Tineesha and TM Vicky all presented excellent hand gestures that captured the guest’s attention


Adrian Loo guides the guest to key in his particulars into the laptop, to allow us to inform him of UMTMC’s weekly Toastmasters meetings, information and other details about Toastmasters.

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Cheerful members and guests posing for the cameraman. Above , ACB, CL Fatima and ACB, CL Sarah posed with the ecstatic guests. Above , TM Yun Jing and TM Kar Mei strike a pose in front of the softboard display. Bottom right is a guest and TM Kah Mun displaying the Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership Manual. Bottom left, Daryl gleefully outshines the rest by being fresh, jovial and invigorating.

Thank you to all the members for supporting Toastmasters, and to the guests for visiting our booth and getting to know us. A sincere appreciation to Prof Datuk Dr Rohana binti Mohd Yusof and also University Malaya’s Student Affairs Division for giving us the opportunity to promote our club and also the chance to slowly expand our horizon. Thank you.


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