University of Malaya Toastmasters Club Speechcraft Workshop


University of Malaya Toastmasters Club Speechcraft Workshop

Together Everyone Achieves More. 11 October 2014 was a memorable date for the members of University of Malaya Toastmasters Club and MAICSA Toastmasters Club as they showed “WE” is indeed a power. It takes two flints to make fire, both clubs worked together and organised a Speechcraft Workshop.  SPEECHCRAFT is a Workshop on public speaking in which students have the opportunity to practice public speaking and communication skills, under the leadership of experienced Toastmasters. They learn different skills like confidence building, body language, organizing speech, eye contact, evaluation, speaking off the cuff, listening and many more are taught in a supportive and friendly environment.

It was first-time University of Malaya Club had their Speechcraft Workshop. On the first day of Speechcraft Workshop, all speakers were present there. Eight members from MAICSA Toastmasters Club, Tan Lay Theng from Friendship Toastmasters Club, Dr Devi Menon from Sai Masters Toastmasters Club and all members of University Malaya Toastmasters Club pulled their efforts together to conduct an insightful Speechcraft for all the registered participants.

Total twenty eight participants registered, but sixteen showed up. The workshop started at sharp 9 am. Both Organising Chairpersons Heng Jing Yi from UMTMC and Sook Ping MAICSA Toastmasters Club planned the great event and with good publicity, they have gathered a huge crowed. The Organising Chairperson from MAICSA Toastmasters Club started the workshop.

speaker 1

Speaker Tan Lay Theng

The first speaker Tan Lay Theng from Friendship Toastmasters Club shed the light on first session of “The Ice Breaker”. As a result of her well explained session all participants delivered their speeches with confidence.

MyCollage_4 MyCollage_3 MyCollage_2

Later at the end of speeches, participants were divided into five groups. Each group was supervised by two assigned mentors from UM Toastmasters Club and MAICSA Toastmasters Club. Mentors Refined and revitalized the existing skills of participants and helped a participant learn new speaking skills to advance faster. The second session “Be in Ernest” and the third session “Organising a speech”, was presented by speaker with a great persona Yap Mei Sei.  Speech organization is important for better understanding of presentation. Speaker explained several speech organizing ways, opening should catch the audience’s attention, the body must support the idea participant wants to convey, and the conclusion should reinforce your ideas and be memorable. . Transitions between thoughts should be smooth.

spk 8

Speaker Yap Mei Sei

At lunch time, refreshment was provided, but there was a special occasion as a club celebrated Dr Devi’s birthday. Everybody gathered around and sang a birthday song for her.


Celebrating Dr.Devi’s Birthday

bday 2

Particiants Celebrating Dr.Devi’s Birthday






After break DTM Dr. Devi Menon conducted in her fourth session of “Work with Words”, in which she explained how to avoid the usage of slang, fallacies, jargons and the words that end discussion in speech. She explained how to relate speech with audiences and emphasised on the usage speaking style not the written style.

speaker Dr Devi

Speaker DTM Dr Devi

ACS Heng Jing Yi came next, in her session gave an excellent demonstrative presentation on “Body Language”. Speaker has used good humor, plenty of gestures, descriptive words and good examples to train participants.

speaker 4

Spaeker ACS Jing Yi

The next part of a workshop was “Vocal Variety” done by the enthusiastic speaker DTM Ng Lay See. In her presentation, she highlighted the factor that, when it comes to making an impression listener is five times as likely to be influenced by voice than by spoken words.

speaker 3

Speaker E Son Lee

Speaker 2

Speaker DTM Ng Lay See








The fifth Session of Speech Craft, “The Art of Evaluation”. It was conducted by the experienced member of toastmasters club, E Son Lee. Speaker explained to audiences, what to evaluate in speech, opening, content, closing and speech delivery. Another important point hi her presentation was, how a speaker should evaluate effectively, talk about strengths, highlight the areas of improvements and then motivate the speaker to do better in the future.

On the second day of the workshop which was on Sunday, most of the participants came early. And right away gave their speeches. Mentors gave their evaluations.  The evaluators provided their feedback on the strong points of a speaker with special emphasis on areas for further development.

20141012_113910 (2)

Test Speaker ACB Cheok Wei Chin

Now it’s time for the test speaker to present a speech. Participants listened attentively and gave their evaluation on a speech.

On this day, the participants were also required to take part in the table topic session. Brave participants without any hesitation came up to the stage and presented the two-minute speech. On their courageous performance and active participation crowed cheered for them.

After a Tabletopics session evaluator’s gave their individual evaluation to each speaker. They highlighted areas of improvement and encouraged them to do better for future. Speechcraft Workshop was a great opportunity and was an outstanding experience to interact and learn from the experienced Toastmasters in the field.

Later that evening, Certificates of Participation of presentation were given to participants.

MyCollage_5 MyCollage_6 MyCollage_7






Everybody has added lots of effort into it, all speakers were well prepared for each session, and attendees participated actively. The new gain confident and improve speaking skills will benefit participants in all area of their lives. Thank you everyone for joining UM Toastmasters Club’s Speechcraft Workshop. Thanks again to MAICSA Toastmasters Club for joining forces with us and making this event a BIG SUCCESS.

Thank you for the great support in making this workshop a success!



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